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ahkashmir commented about Community Twin Theatre on Oct 27, 2008 at 4:37 pm

I worked as a candy attendant in the Community Theater in ‘71-'72, and I have many fun memories of both this and the Queens Theater. I had friends who worked at both theaters, including Dorothy, Lynn Gallaudet, Jan, Judy, Lindi, Larry O'Gara, Eleanor Schwarz, Bob Crowe (anyone know where Bob is these days?), Jay Rosen. And I remember the matrons like Mrs. Bosset (little old woman with a hearing problem who used to yell at all the kids)and Jen the other matron. Wow! We used to get free passes to all the Century Theaters back then, so I often went to the Queens, Bellerose, Floral, and Park theaters. The managers used to go from theater to theater, so they would often make calls to the box offices of other theaters to leave passes for us. Nice perks back then! The Queens Theater was a great one to hang around in after closing, since it had been a live-entertainment theater when it first opened. There were dressing rooms on the second or third floor and we used to find old theater signs and other relics from bygone days. What a great experience! Do you remember that, Dorothy?

ahkashmir commented about Queens Theatre on Feb 8, 2005 at 7:16 am

Hey, everyone! I’m Dorothy’s friend, Annie, from Queens Village, and I still live there! However, from 1971-73,I worked as a candy girl at the Community Theater on Jamaica and 215th. I now live on 215th Place, right down the block from the theater. We had an awful matron, Mrs. Bossert, at the Community. Poor thing was hard of hearing and I remember one patron complaining that when he asked her where the bathroom was, Mrs. B replied, “last nine rows!” Of course, that was the smoking section. We had a lot of laughs over that one. I still hear about some of the people who worked at the Community, like Judy Burns, whose husband Tom was assistant manager at the Queens. There’s also Larry O'Gara, a Nassau County cop, and Lindi (I can’t remember her last name). One of our other matrons was a nice lady named Mrs. Jorgenson, I think. And, of course, our favorite candy lady was my old next door neighbor, Eleanor Schwarz, who passed away several years ago. I do remember hanging out at the Queens Theater, after hours, with some of the gang. We had so much fun, and it was great getting the free movie passes, to any of the Century theaters! Now both the Queens and Community theaters are churches, which I pass almost everyday. QV isn’t what it used to be, but it’s certainly home for me.