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autoxcuda commented about Lido Theatre on Mar 8, 2009 at 3:23 am

My parents moved one block from there in ‘71 just before I was born. They still live there. I only saw The Muppet Movie and Buck Rodgers there. I see those were mid/late '79 release dates, so that was near the very end. I always wanted to see movies there, but my mom wouldn’t let me. Reading about that riot for the FIRST time ever, I’m pretty sure I know why! Fustrated me because I would always walk/ride by there to get milk at Big Town or baseball cards in the tiny pathway BETWEEN Big Town and the 5 and dime.

BTW in the 90’s the Bank of America was robbed or robbery attempt from UNDERNEATH. The robbers tunneled under the vault from the huge underground storm drain under La Cienega & Pico blvd.