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BBJ commented about Middleton Theatre on Oct 20, 2016 at 5:30 pm

I remember going to this theater as a kid in the 80’s. As Trolleyguy mentioned, it was 99 cents and they usually played movies that had already run their course at the major chain theaters. I specifically remember seeing Spies Like Us (‘85) and The Three Amigos ('86) there. And despite it being only 99 cents I remember my mom sneaking popcorn in a big purse because she didn’t want to pay for the “high priced” concessions. :)

Quite honestly it’s not a big loss that the place is gone. It had basically become an obscurity by then. Worn out seats, a small screen, bad sound and it had such a little slope to it you’d always have someone blocking the screen. It looked more an old military aircraft hanger then a nostalgic theater. Still it’s a little sad that Middleton’s only theater was lost and 99 cents was even a good deal back that.