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bpjs commented about Loews Natick Cinema on Feb 17, 2009 at 9:44 pm

I was an assistant manager at Sack Natick in the early 70s. It opened as a Sack operation with Live and Let Die and The Last Tango in Paris in June of 1973. We ran some edgy films including a couple of X rated R Crumb cartoons by Ralph Bakshi and a slightly edited R version of A Clockwork Orange. At that time films were not released in suburbia simultaneously with Boston so we were behind, except at Christmas when we ran The Way We Were. The theater lacked any character but it was fun to work at a movie. The films were free, both there and at any other theater I wished to visit. We had the two theaters, with 1500 seats total. During the school year the we were only open during the week in the evenings