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bsdigio commented about Palace Theatre on Dec 9, 2004 at 2:35 pm

I feel very sad that with all the accolades that people write about the Palace that no one mentions Domenic Temporale, who owned the theater for 30 years and attempted to refurbish several times after dashed promises from the state and the ungrateful attitude of the City of Waterbury. I remember a conversation I had with Domnic right after he bought the theater in 1971. He was offered $1 million the same year he bought it and the purchaser wouldtear it down and build something else. But he lovedthat theater and loved Waterbury. I also remember a conversation I had with him about the same time when people wanted to buy the chandeliers and destroy the theater by buying bits and pieces of it. But he refused to sell it in pieces and wanted to restore it. The performing arts center was his idea. He was a lifelong Waterbury resident who died earlier this year. And no one pays tribute to him or gives him credit for his contribution to saving the Palace. What a shame.