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CCullens commented about Tower Theater on Aug 12, 2004 at 5:38 pm

I remember the Tower Theater well. It sat more or less at the foot of the now-defunct D Street bridge. It just wasn’t summer without those dark, cool afternoons spent watching a double-bill for a quarter. Another quarter got you (one size fits all) a fountain soda and popcorn. Next to the theater I remember a hamburger place (I almost think it was named after the theater, but I’m not sure.) where you could get a McDonald’s-quality hamburger for ten cents.

Of course, in those days it was a respectable family theater, but nothing stays the same.

You have also mentioned two more of my favorite Marysville landmarks—the Bok Kai temple and St. Joseph’s Church, where Monsignor Horgan, Father Hines and Father Doheny presided. Despite being surrounded by levees that hamper its growth, Marysville is kind of a neat little place, but summers there (as they are here in Sacramento) are murderous.