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Chickey commented about Ziegfeld Theatre on Oct 24, 2005 at 10:03 am

J. Foley
Why not try calling on one of the local t.v. or radio stations? I worked for radio stations and also newspapers and they usually had free passes to these events.
Or call the theatre directly..I am sure if you explain your situation with your daughter someone will come forward with the tickets. I wish I had some I would give them to you. Good luck I hope you get the tickets for your daughter.


Chickey commented about Ziegfeld Theatre on Oct 4, 2004 at 1:07 pm

Does anyone remember that the site of The Ziegfeld used to house a Public Elementary School? P.S. 69 – I attended that school in 1964-1965 and fought hard to have the little red brick schoolhouse saved. Save Our School signs were made and we were featured on ABC NEWS.
My teachers were Mrs. Rattien and Mrs. Shapiro and the Prinicipal was Mr. Horowitz. I am researching to find a yearbook from 1965, the last year the school was in session. I remember my classmates were Jamie, Vanessa, Jody, Scott, Bernard C., Marvin (who lived in the Park Vendome) just to name a few. I am Marion R. – I would love to get some info or touch base with old classmates…
I do love the Ziegfeld theatre although it has been quite some time since I have visited.