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chrismajor commented about Lawford Theatre on Oct 13, 2005 at 9:43 pm

What a mess.
I think someone should clear this up. This was a great venue for the people of Havana. I think everybody should look at the loss the city has faced due to the theatre closing. The children in that town need this theatre open. I myself ran the theatre and made it successful. I was wanted for child support charges in another state and this cost me the theatre and town that I loved so much. It is true that Paul was a con artist, but I think the town knew that from the start. The truth is that the town was desperate to get this open for the children.
It’s true that running an older theatre is very hard. I worked every day trying to do whatever I could to keep the doors open. I sold cotton candy to the local grocery stores and popcorn to other theatres. I did all this to try to keep enough money coming in the door to just keep the theatre up and running.
The truth is that I loved that town and felt a great need to keep that theatre open as it was truly all the children had. I come from the music industry in Nashville. I went to a small town and fell in love with everything that that town stood for. I was very proud to fight the daily battle to keep the doors open. I miss the Lawford.
There is no reason to fight over the fault of Paul and his cons. All anyone must do is read the papers on him and you will see he is a fraud. I was never a fraud, I had a problem with back child support and it cost me everything. I am very sad that the theatre is closed.

Just a note to anyone who cares. The lamp house is fine; however Paul and his co-cons didn’t understand how to get this blown bulb replaced. They called me and asked me to send them a bulb from another theatre in which my family runs. They of course wanted this on credit. I could not send them this as they still owe me for parts I let them make payments on that they have never finished paying me for. Any theatre operator with any experience of operating theatres knows that it would have taken one phone call to Ed Wolk “Chicago” to get a bulb sent to them ASAP and it would have been billed later. All I can think is that they were so un-experienced that they didn’t have a clue on where to order a bulb. I know that they had to call me to ask how to thread up a projector. This was proof enough hat they knew nothing about theatres.
Enough about that. I would love to see someone get this open for the children. The town needs this. I cannot return to Havana as I was looked down upon once I was arrested for my child support. The town turned their back on me and treated me like a murder. I was very heartbroken on that. I loved that town and really loved to help those children. I was very hard on me to see the town turn their back on somebody who tried so hard to do great things for the children in that town.

I was sad after I was released from Jail “50 days” and the children called me and called me making sure I was ok. My heart felt good knowing that I made a positive impact on the childr3en in Havana. After a while one of the kids told me that their parents had forbid them for speaking to me as the rumors were growing about me. This broke my heart. This town needs this theatre open. The children need something to do and somewhere to go. Someone please help them.

If anyone wants to get this open for the children I will give my help. The theatre can run and pay its bills. Please understand that it is a small town but if the theatre is run correctly the doors can stay open. I hope that Havana sees what they ran out of town. I keep that theatre open for nine months “or close to” before I was arrested for my back child support. This theatre can make it with the right team running it. I will give my long distance support if anyone wants to get this open and know how I made it go so good. I showed first run movies and did ok. I would love to see it open again. I would do it but the town turned their back on me. I still feel betrayed and destroyed. My heart was broken.

Good luck to the children of Havana, my prayers are with you. And remember my saying, “Walk by faith, not by sight”.

Chris Major

chrismajor commented about Lawford Theatre on Aug 15, 2004 at 11:33 pm

By the way this movie house is 1st run only! We only show new movies.
Thank You.
Chris Major

chrismajor commented about Lawford Theatre on Aug 15, 2004 at 11:03 pm

The theatre is now open and is running great. I have remolded the Lawford and am in the middle of installing a new sound system. I really enjoy these old time theatres. If anyone knows of anymore theatres for sell, please email me at I am looking forward to opening yet another beautiful theatre. I am always loking for more.
Thank you.
Chris Major