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djhart54 commented about Southside Theatre on Mar 2, 2005 at 6:20 pm

My grandmother lived around the corner from the theater at 1107 W. 112th St. As children during the early and mid sixties, my two brothers and I frequented the Southside theater, usually on Saturdays. What impressed me the most was found in the lobby area as you entered the theater. I remember large, etched glass panels that depicted a scene out of the making of a film – there was a director, cameraman and camera, and actors, as I remember. It was a beautiful work of art, and I hope that someone had the foresight to ensure it was preserved. I recall the theater as massive as a child, and I remember that the ceiling featured an ornate, gold, oval-shaped cornice that reminded me of a race track of sorts. While waiting for the main feature I would lay my head way back and follow the oval track with my eyes as if following invisible athletes around and around that track. In later days the theater had less of a draw to us as the neighborhood changed racially and the message was clear to us that we were no longer welcome as whites. But that beautiful theater generated great childhood memories, and we saw many of Hollywood’s epic films there.
Thank you, William.