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DougM38 commented about Showcase Cinemas Toledo on Oct 12, 2010 at 7:17 am

I was hired from RKO Theatre in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as an Assistant Mgr. for Redstone and I was amazed at this new idea in 3D without the use of glasses. When the curved screen was installed with strips of louverd cloth half the screen one way and the other way for the opposite half of the screen it was something to behold. I am to this day still amazed that since 1964 with all the new science avaliable since ‘64 that we have yet to discover this use again once more in our theatre’s for it was indeed a spectacular viewing pleasure. I remember that December opening where we all had to wear a Tux and the theatre was full of the curious and the excitement to watch The Battle of the Bulge in 3D. It was a memory I still treasure in my 30 years in this business.