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edster commented about Loew's Paradise Theatre on Nov 24, 2004 at 8:32 pm

Greetings all. As a kid growing up in the Bronx, I remember several great theatres being available to me in the late 70’s within three blocks. I lived at 2396 Morris Avenue. RKO, Valentine and Lowe’s Paradise were regular stops for me as a kid. “The Lowes” was my favorite. I clearly remember grand ceilings, the simulated stars and the various busts and gargoyles somewhat more than the movies I saw there. I think the last thing I saw there was “Rattle and Hum” of all things.

Later, I ended up moving out to Jersey City. I remember the first time I got off the train at Journal Square I definitely recall looking across the street and seeing the Lowe’s Jersey City. I only suspected it’s pedigree but later I would find out it was the little sister of the theatre I grew up in the shadow of. It made me feel comfortable in my new home to know that some of the same history I grew up with had touched this place. I was happy to see that it was being (slowly) restored. I hadn’t been back to the old neighborhood for several years and I literally wept when I read the first several posts in this newsgroup. I had kind of assumed that something as grand as the Lowe’s paradise would be preserved by the Historical Society. What else is a historical society for if not to preserve awe inspiring things for future generations?

Thankfully I read on to the point were the restoration of the Lowe’s Paradise was discussed. Further, the seeming commitment by Mr. Lieblich to tenderly handle this gem really touched me. You guys brought a smile back to my face. In this time of so many disappointing things (elections, wars, congress etc. The list goes on and on) it is really nice to see that someone seems to care about craftsmanship and history.

Other than the fine folks who have been keeping the vigil over this American temple since 2002. To all of you. Thank you.

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