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Enfield476 commented about Kaimuki Theater on May 15, 2008 at 10:51 pm

I grew up in Hawaii during the 50’s and early 60’s (Coast Guard Brat). I was just talking to my wife about those many, many happy Saturdays at The Kaimuki Theater. You can only imagine my sadness when I googled it later…finding that the poor old thing had been destroyed. I downloaded the first picture only…couldn’t take the rest.

My Grandmother would send me off with a buck in my pocket, and I was good for the whole damned day. Watch a movie, then some cartoons, then a couple of serials, some more cartoons, then a feature short, then some more cartoons, then a second feature. After, I’d walk down the block a bit and find the hobby shop, and yet another 29-cent model airplane kit. I’d then go up in the opposite direction, find the news-stand and buy a Sergeant Rock comic book. And I’d come home with change in my pocket…saved for next Saturday’s visit to the Kaimuki Theater. I’d eventually have enough left-over from my thrift to by a 48th-scale Aurora model kit. They made the neatest WWI model planes.

But the main thing that sticks into my memory is that the first time I kissed a girl was in The Kaimuki Theater. I was nine…she was eleven…yeah, I had a thing for the older, more mature types. We were watching Forbidden Planet. And though I have seen that film again and again over all these long years…I’ll never see it without remembering that first kiss in the flickering dark of that theater.