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genaconti commented about Demolition of Wyandotte Theater imminent on Sep 6, 2007 at 4:25 pm

Alas…We say a very fond farewell to the Wyandotte Theatre…

I cannot believe the number of “stories” I’ve heard about the theatre —– real people in the streets with cameras and sighs and fond memories shared with me as I photographed (every day, in many stages, ‘round the clock) the tear down. Oh! The bitter-sweetness of it all… People standing still, shaking their heads in sad disbelief…staying longer, quietly sitting “bedside with a dying friend."
I regret I did not have a tape recorder…

Residents strolled past the scrap of our once vital, exciting, entertaining social corner on 1st and Elm Streets. A solid core of memories mingle us with the bricks on the ground. Strohs or Sanders ice cream treats in hand… we all stop, all recollect our special, pleasant moments in time with friends, with family, with ownership in Wyandotte Theatre history.

See you at the movies ……….
Slow demolition slide show photos here:
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Gena Conti