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genehil commented about Evanston 5 Theaters on Nov 2, 2004 at 7:09 am

I remember going to see Dr. Zhivago on Friday, January 27th, 1967… my last day of high school. I was graduating after the 1st semester of my 2nd Senior Year (long story…)

I went with Emily Everitt, a good High School pal, and we wouldn’t be deterred from our “last date” even though there was about 32 inches of snow on the ground from the biggest blizzard to hit the Chicago area ever.

Nobody was on the streets… no cars, no police, nobody… except me and Emily. The snow was very deep and I knew that if I parked on the street, we’d have to dig ourselves back into my dad’s 1963 Plymouth… so I parked directly under the theater’s marquee and in we went.

There weren’t more than a dozen or so people in the movie with us… and when it ended, out we went and there was my dad’s car sitting there, nearly clean as a whistle with little or no snow on it.

I took Emily home to Glencoe and headed back to my house and the next morning headed to the USAF.

What a wonderful last High School date the Evanston Theater provided me. Thanks… I’ll always remember you.

Gene Hilsheimer
Panama City, FL