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gmiller commented about Scotiabank Theatre Toronto on Dec 30, 2004 at 3:15 pm

Today my nephew from Nova scotia and I attended a movie in your theatre. We were very upset over the fact the tickets were $11.50 for a matinee AND we were subjected to over 15 minutes of commercials before the trailors even started to play. The movie was billed for a 2:00 pm start and did not start until 2:25 or so. I can understand the competion, when charging $5.98 for a movie, having a number of advertisements in the beginning of the show. But to charge the rates you do and subject us to the unwarranted assault of the advertisements as you did is nothing short of harrassment as far as I’m concerned. As you probably surmised, I’ll not be stepping another foot into your establishment and will do my utmost to inform as many people as possible of your tactics. To make matters even worse, I’ve just found out I cannot e-mail you without being a member of Cinema Treasures. To put it mildly, your company sucks!!!