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grigsby63 commented about Davis Theatre on Feb 7, 2007 at 2:51 pm

The opening of the theater should be listed as 1930. Confirmed by old newspaper articles.

grigsby63 commented about Davis Theatre on Sep 17, 2005 at 12:30 pm

Thought I would add a little bit of info about the Davis. My family now owns the building as well as Norman Orr Office Supply which has occupied the building since late 1985. Unfortunately when the davis closed (date unknown) it was converted into retail space. Before we moved the office supply store there it was occupied by a Montgomery Ward catalog store. The five mounting brackets where for the W-A-R-D-S sign and are not the original brackets for the Marquee. I have an old picture that was in the local newspaper, and you can see the original marquee, Unfortunately it is blocked in the picture by a telephone pole. I believe it reads Vista. I spent most of the day today removing the metal panels on the bottom floor of the building that, for some reason, where installed in the 60’s. The brick underneath is in excellent shape. Under the panels on both sides of the west window are built in frames for movie poster that were preserved perfectly underneath the siding. I was really surprised to find them! There also was a sizable awning over the western window, which used to serve as the front door of the theater. It was removed, I assume, when the bulding was converted. The inside is a total mess!! The balcony, Light fixtures, decorations where all removed long ago. The original water fountain and one of the brass light fixtures can be seen in th upstairs of the opera house. I think they they where removed from the dumpster during the gutting of the building. The back of the bulding (where the screen used to be) was filled in with concrete so that Montgomery Ward could have a Tire and Battery shop in the back end of the building. Sadly the inside is beyond restoration, but I am doing my best to renovate the outside to its original grandeur. If anybody has any info or old photographs of the Davis theater, Please let me know.