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happymike44 commented about Fox Event Center on Dec 27, 2010 at 5:21 pm

My sister used to work here and I would go to work with her and watch movies all day.

I would look around the upper balcony areas which I wasn’t supposed to go into and remember the thick carpeting muffling the sounds of my shoes as I sneaked past the employee only area signs.

I even remember one saturday being bored I had managed to escape Mom’s watchful eyes and discovering a old emergency fire escape climbed up onto the curved roof and walked around looking across the valley towards the mountains.

In the 1980’s I moved away and returned for a visit to discover the beautiful fox boarded over and the marquee darkened.

The magic and memories of so many of Redlands children forgotten and abandoned.

I have traveled the world and the Fox was always in my thoughts of what happened to the place of magic.

After seeing the movie The Majestic it reminded me of The Fox and so recently I discovered she was rescued and partially restored.

I was so glad that a place of my childhood and memories had found someone to love and take care of it again.

Thank You for saving such a wonderful place so that others might make new memories in that place I spent so many happy saturdays.

Those were the days Redlands was small town America and we knew almost everyone in town.

Now I look at Redlands and it seems so different but places like the Fox remain to remind me of my childhood and those carefree days of my childhood.