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henryb commented about Alameda Theatre on Nov 22, 2007 at 7:17 pm

I remember being at the Biltmore Theater the day Carpenter shot Patrolman Kerr. I was seated next to Patrolman Kerr and his wife. The Patrolman excused himself and I got up to let him pass. He returned a few minutes later and I remember hearing him whisper something to his wife. Again he got up, but this time he seated himself directly behind me. I heard him and another man talking behind me—which annoyed me because I was trying to pay attention to the movie. Both men got up. A shot “RANG OUT” behind my head. I dropped to the floor, waited a moment and then crawled up the aisle. Looking back, I saw Carpenter kneeling with his gun drawn. He fired 2-3 more shots into the dark theater. I left the Biltmore with “bells ringing in my head.” Five minuted later I returned to the theater and saw a crowd of people at the foot of the balcony stairs. Patrolman Kerr was lying on his back in a blood stained shirt. I am now 77 years old and I can remember this experience as vividly as if it had occurred yesterday. Henry B.