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Ichab0d commented about United Artists Theater Spawns Graffiti Debate on Jun 30, 2005 at 5:14 am

I was not stating that the people who practice this are not doing somethign illegal and should be punished, i was simply stating that to many it does not apear to be art, this is not true, it is. Also, i was saying that before we extract the straw from there eye let us look upont he rafter in our own. None are perfect in this world, and yes, if they are caught let there be judgement upon them i say, but to say all of these thigns and to overlook our own misguidings is to defeat the principles even found in the scriptures if we choose to quote scriptures. And even in that is says no man may direct hsi step, so how can we say we know what is art or vandal or the like? We cannot judge them. They cannot judge us. Let them be, if they are caught, then we shall see, but if they are not, then, may it be as when we speed, or when we dont use a turn signal, or when we do something illegal. Because everybody has or does at times. This paticular time is theres.

Ichab0d commented about United Artists Theater Spawns Graffiti Debate on Jun 29, 2005 at 3:08 pm

I agree with both sides here really. I cannot agree with those that say it is not art however. How do we define art in any word? Art is to everyone as they see it, you cannot classify it as to say that any form of creation of substance is ART or not ART, to every single person on the planet there are differances that they enjoy and thoughts they have on what the world conciders ART. Thus, no one person can say that ANYTHING is or is not ANYTHING. Because everyone will have a differant viewpoint. Life 101. I personally believe it is art, some of the intricate detail to works i have seen are more spectacular and wondeful then paintings in museums. With reguards to the legality or nonlegality of it, or its charge of vandalisim, yes it is, but have you ever traveled over 5 miles above the speed limit? have you every sped up at a yellow light? You break the rules when we see it as ok. There are consequences to there actions if caught, if so let them face them. just as we all would if caught breakign the law. To argue one point and not look at ourselves and what we do illegal can definitly be a shortcoming of aome folks here at this forum.