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iglaze commented about Uptown Cinema Centre on Oct 22, 2004 at 7:10 pm

The Uptown Cinema Centre is the least attractive theater in Red Deer. The showtimes are usually not convenient, their showtimes are approximately 30 minutes before other theaters. I have most often been late for a movie showing when I have gone there. If you wanted to go out for dinner and then to a movie, you would have to wait an hour for the late show, or miss 30 minutes of the movie. I went to X-Men there, and was waiting for friends when the film started 15 minutes before the time advertised, therefore all my friends missed a large part of the beginning. 9 out of 10 times if you dicide you want popcorn, the butter will simply make the popcorn into soggy un edible popcorn. I have always had to go back for a refund along wiht many people I know. It’s funny when you go there, because there is always someone returning their popcorn and getting it without butter, and where is the fun in that? I also have to add that for the past year and a half at least, the mens washroom has had the sick stench of urine. I am honestly not joking in any way about anything I am saying. Please feel free to inquire about this yourself. Is there anything else to add to this.. you would think not, but sadly there is. I think that enough has been said though. If youre looking for a good evening at the theater, I would definately not recommend the Uptown Cinema Center as a first choice.