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irish729 commented about Community Drive-In on Feb 5, 2017 at 11:28 am

Very close by, just to north of the drive-in was Highland Park High. Many days I would stare out of my classroom window at the big screen and dream about the next time I could be there, watching a movie on a warm summer night. My folks began taking me there when I was very young, in my pajamas. As a junior in high school, I got to know the manager and in exchange for free admission, I’d make cassette tapes of music and snack bar commercials played before and between movies. I loved that theater and was sorry to know once when I went back to Topeka that it had been demolished. I saw movies at all the other drive-in theaters in town, but this one was closest to home as I lived only a few blocks away. The theater may be gone, but never the fond memories I have of it.