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jackfolluo commented about Queens Theatre on Jan 1, 2013 at 11:36 am

From the 1930s to its closing, the Queens theater was owned by Thomas Curley who also owned the Ashland theater in St. Louis. Katherine Curley, sister to Thomas Curley worked the box office during that period. The Queens long time manager was Eddie Keegan. During WW2 Keegan served in the Navy and his wife worked at the theater during that time. I started working there about 1941 dusting seats before the show for free passes, later part time as cleaning up between shows and cleaning the airdrome every morning in the summer. Every one smoked then and we had to pick each cigarette butt and kernel of corn out of the gravel floor outside. I also became the popcorn maker every evening, and later became an usher. I was about 16 when I quit. Great old neighborhood theater and good people to work with.

Every Thursday night (for a time) was dish night. What a time we had giving a different dish every Thursday night to the ladies who came to collect the whole set. During the show sometimes one of the dishes would slip off a ladies lap and clatter to the floor. This would be met with applause, whistles and laughter. Funny reaction.

                                      Jack Folluo