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JasonRoss commented about Lyric Theatre on Apr 6, 2002 at 5:37 am

The Lyric was purchased by the city and will be demolished in April. The theatre was an important landmark for many years. The loss of this theatre is not surprising, since most of Kitchener’s landmarks have been lost. Few note worthy buildings remain. The only landmarks left are houses. The Capitol theatre down the street is the next building on the city’s shopping list since the City believes that parking lots, low income housing and strip malls will make downtown the place where people, from all over southern Ontario will want to visit. The Lyric site will become, surprise, a parking lot. Kitchener residents have few choices for enjoying the arts. Two box theatres exist. Both are ugly and not worth visiting. Kitchener is, however close enough to Toronto and Greyhound Buses leave Kitchener for Toronto every hour.

By the way. The City of Kitchener is labeled “The Original City”