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jewell1962 commented about ICE Chatham 14 on Aug 19, 2009 at 9:38 pm

Yes, I totally agree………….. IT USED TO BE NICE!!!! However, myself, my family members, neighbors, and friends ALL agree pretty much EVERYTHING has changed! The managers are NICE-nasty! The concession stand workers are VERY RUDE and unconcerned! Most of the time the ticket booth workers are just as rude. I experienced and my 8 yr old God-daughter witnessed an awful scene where I was loudly berated by a concession stand worker. I emailed the theater and received (2) NICE-Nasty, condescending emails telling me that I didn’t witness what happened before my very eyes. I asked them to check the audio surveillance to “hear” the guy going off on me! I was “offered” free tickets to return by the manager on duty, who told me that “she wasn’t there” (to witness what transpired). I thanked her for the “offer” but politely refused them! This is not the first time I have been insulted in this theater…………. It is odd to me how we have NEVER had to file a complaint against the other theaters, we frequent. But I will take the blame for this one ( had guarded reservations about going because of the messy atmosphere), I admit I compromised for the short distance to travel…………..I WILL NEVER RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!