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joepyne commented about Panorama Theatre on Oct 2, 2008 at 10:59 pm

right! there was a crying room. around 1960 i think there was a pizza place and a hobby shop next to the panarama.
i remember seeing “forbidden planet”, “war of the worlds”, the original “parent trap”, and “the alamo” about 10 times!!!
once invited to sit with the girls. magda was the cutest girl in the school, but i thought she had a tough boyfried, who would knock my head off! yes. i think that is the phone number of the panarama!
also, saw a “l'il abner” movie, which i have never seen anywhere else!? visited the old neighborhood last year (arleta — used to be pacoima). the hebrew school on beachy and osborne is no longer there, but the building is still there. around 1980 noticed spanish movies playing at the panarama. last year noticed the panarama sign was still there — i should take a picture for this website next time in LA.
finally, saw “the time machine” there — going into the future where the morlocks have taken over!