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joot29 commented about Haven Theatre on Oct 27, 2008 at 11:33 am

I think it was a subconscious decision on my part! I highly recommend you rent the “Zombie” DVD. Then imagine what it would have been like at the Haven! Kids now-a-days will never know what it’s like to catch a double-feature at a neighborhood theater. Then walk home with a bag of fresh zeppoles and by the time you get home your hands are sticky and powdery!

joot29 commented about Cosmo Theatre on Oct 27, 2008 at 11:07 am

OMG. I’ll never forget being at the Cosmo when the blackout hit NYC (was it 1977?). If I remember correctly, it was either “Westworld” or “Island of Dr. Moreau” (or both?). Anyway…..the lights go out, the movie stops, etc…..but no one is freaking out just yet…..we’re just waiting for things to get back to normal. But they don’t. Then I can hear some commotion outside. My mother is freaking out. The noise is escalating, and then people start storming out of the theater. My mother grabs both my hand and my brother’s so hard that the next day we still had red marks on our wrists! As we walked out of the theater, it was a surreal scene. Stores being looted, traffic, commotion, sirens going off. I’ll never forget it.

joot29 commented about Haven Theatre on Oct 27, 2008 at 10:46 am

I have SUCH fond memories of the Haven. I’m now 40 years old, so I went to see all those exploitation Horror movie double features in the early 80s as a teenager. If it wasn’t the Haven, then it was the Ridgewood. I’ll NEVER forget the time I saw “Zombie” (I was about 13 years old) at the Haven filled with screaming teenagers. This movie was notoriously graphic and I LOVED all those Italian horror flicks. The kids had NO idea what they had gotten themselves into. Some of them ran out of the theater. The rest settled in for a gory fun-fest! Nothing like wild screaming kids having the time of their lives. Unforgettable. I would peek through my fingers practically the whole time. Then the best part. On my way home, walking down Jamaica Ave., pitch dark, right along-side the cemetary. I was scared sh*tless. I’ll never forget it. I will always remember the Haven with fondness. My 2nd favorite Haven memory was seing “The Evil Dead”. To this day – one of the defining movie-going experiences of my childhood. My appreciation for 70s-80s horror movies came from the Haven.