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karenzimmer commented about Bryn Mawr Theatre on Jan 4, 2005 at 12:45 am

Re: research – help – what year was it?
My mother has a marquis flyer, from the Bryn Mawr Theatre/Chicago,listing the schedule for these “Photodramas”…
January 18(Tues)– Clara Kimball Young (“My official Wife”)
January 19 & 20 – Geraldine Farrar (“Temptation” a play?)
January 21 – Valli
January 22 – Anita Stewart/Earle Williams (“My Lady’s Slipper”-
Vitagraph play
January 24 – Pauline Frederick (“Lydia Gilmore”)
Mom was born in 1910; the ticket does not have a date listed anywhere, and we researched the Tues Jan 18,came up with either 1910/1916/1921/1927/1932 & 1938. These particular showing dates must be in the 20’s sometime. Any suggestions for the exact date would be appreciated. Thank you. Karen Zimmer