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kheberling commented about Showcase Cinemas Westland on Dec 30, 2004 at 4:42 pm

Showcase Cinema has the worst customer service provided in the theater industry. I purchased tickets online through them as a gift for my girlfriend and her 5 yr. old daughter and when they took the receipt to the theater the manager informed them they needed my fredit card to verify the purchase. My girlfried called me in front of the manager to get the card info. and management refused to speak to me, meanwhile the movie was starting in 5 minutes and they lost out on seeing the show. I had to physically go to the theater myself to get a refund on the tickets, ahich still hasn’t been credited to my account, and my girlfriend and her daughter still haven’t seen the show. I will never go to that theater again nor will any family member ar friends of mine. Prepurchasing your tickets really isn’t any quicker, but truly more of a hassle. Kenneth Heberling, Westland.