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Leila commented about AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 on Dec 1, 2012 at 3:47 pm

I’ve experienced reserved seating in movie theaters in other countries. It slows down the line, it clusters people uncomfortably, you are stuck next to talkers until the point where you can move, and that might be too late (often one can tell the horrendous talkers even before a film begins). But mainly I am not seeing an explanation of how this will work. If I can’t just show up for a film that isn’t sold out and buy a ticket, I will go to a theater where I can show up. I don’t want to be put through hoops. I really wish the Courthouse cinema had stayed the way it was. Who cares about fancy new recliners? Honestly, I really just want to see a movie. The only place I want to see money going is in the projection and sound. The rest is insignificant. Guess I will have to pass over AMC Courthouse, my closest theater, for AMC Georgetown, where liberty still reigns. Sigh.

Leila commented about AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 on Dec 1, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Hum thumbs down for me for reserved seating. How are all these new rules and regulations working out for AMC Courthouse? I just want to be able to go to a movie. I was going to go to Courthouse for the first time tonight since the renovations, but then I saw the reserved seating caveat. What does it mean? Does it mean you can’t just show up for a film? Why on earth is it in effect for all shows?

Leila commented about AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 on Oct 1, 2012 at 11:21 am

Cumulo, thank you for the swift and informative reply. I’m sure folks would rather have an unrenovated bathroom on the lower level than no bathroom at all. Don’t know about the men’s, but the women’s is just fine as is. I look forward to seeing the new lobby. Not a big fan of whatever color the new paint was, slightly pinkish beige? It was dark. But I am sure it will look spruced up. The theater is a big asset to the neighborhood. While I go often to E Street, West End, etc. I see much of my mainstream stuff at Courthouse so I can walk home after. I wish Courthouse would bring back the occasional Bollywood movie it was screening at one point. While I know that was directed toward the South Asian community, as long as the films have subtitles, they are definitely a change of pace. Alas, not a lot of foreign films at Courthouse.

Leila commented about AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 on Sep 29, 2012 at 9:13 am

Thank you for such detailed information, Cumulo. I was at Courthouse last night to see Looper and was very surprised by all that was going on and how we had to ride the elevator to get to the upstairs screening rooms. There was a bit of a traffic jam, but it all worked out.

I consider Courthouse my local theater, but I hadn’t been for a while since I was out of town.

For me, the good news about the renovation is about some screens getting bigger and especially about the speakers. The sound has been a problem sometimes. The bad news is about the downstairs bathrooms. What possible rationale could there be for giving patrons fewer bathrooms! This means that if someone is watching a film downstairs, they will miss quite a bit if they have to get up since they won’t have a close bathroom. This isn’t an issue for me. I can’t bear to miss moments from movies so I plan accordingly, but I see people leaving quite a bit. Can you explain this crazy decision? Courthouse will be creating longer lines with this move, since so many people want to go after a film ends.

You seem to have the inside track on these renovations. Perhaps you are the theater’s manager. If you are, or you known him/her, please urge the manager to reconsider the bathroom decision. There is other really good news in this renovation. It means the theater appears at least not to be in danger of closing any time soon, otherwise why spend the money? That makes me very happy. There was a point a few years ago when it seemed to be in danger.

I hope the ticket prices don’t go up. I really don’t care about fresh paint, fancy displays, fancy seats, etc. The only thing I care about in movie theaters (and I see most movies in theaters) is good projection, good sound, and an unobstructed view. Courthouse isn’t an old time movie palace or a vintage art house. For the latter, interior design is more important to preserve. But again, if slapping on some new paint and renovating interiors will attract more people to the theater, I guess it’s ok. I just wish I could have a conversation with the Courthouse programmer.