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lilsusy68 commented about Seeking Info on the Capitol Theatre in Welland Ontario on Sep 15, 2004 at 8:27 pm

Dear steve, I believe this is the theatre I’ve been looking at to buy. I’ve been looking for info about it and this is the first I’ve found. If it is the same theatre. It does say cineplex/odeon on it but that is it except ‘for sale’.

If it was running in 1935 then the original black and whites were played there – am I right? would you remember something like that?

How incredible – the area is just beginning to rejuvenate itself – with the new city hall being built and many new restaurants opening.
I believe it is time for it to be reborn – It would be so amazing to know what the first movie screened was! I will have to check out the other sites mentioned.

Thanks Rae