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mastersounds commented about Oasis Theatre on Apr 1, 2005 at 6:28 pm

Michaelfef ——– I have direct contact with the Martenellis, and they have expressed intrest in the Oasis .. as to what happened in the years after they sold it…. so if you can contact me please do. My Name is Michael, and I can be contacted at Any pictures, details, stories would be helpfu. (Interior oOasis Roller Rink pctures)

Please contact me….

mastersounds commented about Oasis Theatre on Sep 29, 2004 at 4:36 pm

another random bit…. i think the Dj I remember from the time was DJ Marco… He introduced me to the music which would become the backbone for the upcomming breakdance scene…. and planted the seeds for what would influence me when freestyle came in in and launced me as a Dj

Planet rock (Instrumental version) played at the oasis (when the speakers were on the floor) was mesmerizing.

dang.. I can’t spell tonight to save my life…


mastersounds commented about Oasis Theatre on Sep 29, 2004 at 4:31 pm

some corrections… studio 54….. I meant…. it was about as big as studio 54

I spelled martenelli wrong…


mastersounds commented about Oasis Theatre on Sep 29, 2004 at 4:28 pm

I rember the Oasis, as my cousin Donna worked there. I must of been about 12 when the rink was being converted, and had a chance to go to the privew party. Growing up in the easten part of queens, and the fact that my father was a NYC cop in the 104th pricent, he knew the neighborhood well. I would get dropped off whenever possivle during the early days of the rink (1980) but soon, the Martenelis ran into some problems, and decided to sell the rink. I basicly forgot about the rink after that. I now live and work out in Suffolk, Long Island, about exit 61. A co worker who had a mother that had passed away, had her mothers funural on Metropotitan avenue, As long as I was in the neighboorhood, I thought I would drive down Fresh Pond Road and see what the oasis looked like today, or what had taken its place. Sure, it was over 20 years later, but i remembered it had unique features that would stand out. I should of seen the cafeteria as I approached the block, then the marquee. Still nothing… so I went home to long island.

Yhea, it did have only 2 pymarads. Also, the best wood floor I ever skated on. One of the unique things was that the maple floor was cut out of curved wood, in the same direction that you skated in. Yes, even after all of this time, the rink was designed to be loud. I don’t know why, but I belive it woul dhave been because of the speaker arrangement and the acoustics of the main room with the dome ceiling. Today, I explain to people that it was about as studio 54, and a 1/3 version of The New York Palladium niteclub.

Some more random info…. the other roller rink the OASIS was in competition was in with was a rink called ‘Sweet Rubys". The balcony was going to be coverted into a small lounge/jazz type of niteclub.

Anyone rember LAces on Long Island ?