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maxaman68 commented about Saginaw 12 on Jan 29, 2005 at 8:58 pm

I just got back from seeing the new movie Hide and Seek at this theater. I have gone to this theater many times. It seems like the more i go, the more dissapointing experiences i have. This time will be the last. The atmosphere here is not one that the everyday movie goer wants to experience. There are too many people allowed to have cell phones on. Constant talking to other people is just the start of the problems. Too many people sneeking in at the last moment to catch the end of the movie. They have security guards all over and they seem to spend their time walking back and forth up the isle in hopes of catching someone with their feet on the back of the chair in front of them, when actually they constantly interrupt the movie but walking around and sitting down and watching the movie, then getting back up, and so on. If you havnt gone to a movie here, i would advise making the drive to Cinema Hollywood in Birch Run. It is well worth the extra miles. I will guarantee you will have a better experience.If management wants to keep people coming to their theater, i would strongly suggest a change in policy.