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musichead commented about Midway Theatre on Dec 26, 2004 at 3:07 am

The owner of the Midway Theatre “Tomy Boy” is deceiving the neighborhood youth into thinking that they are going to have a chance of a lifetime to be in the music industry by being a contestant in one of their talent showcases called “The Best of the Midwest”. According to Erin Gilbert, the show is held every few months or so. The participants “audition” to be in the show. Once they are selected they have to provide a bio packet which includes their demo cd and a $50 fee to be in the show. ($50 from low income wide-eyed, trusting youth looking to make it in the music industry?… hmmm) The performers are told that there will be judges from very successful and popular record labels such as Sony Records, Aristar, and Columbia, that will be judging them because they are looking for new acts to sign to their labels. They are also told that the winners of the contest will go on to be in a bigger and more important contest which is held by one of the big record labels themselves such as Sony or Aristar.
The shows are rigged by the owner of the Midway Theatre, Tomy Boy. Erin Gilbert and other accomplices help to deceive and convince the people that these contests are legit. Tomy Boy’s (the owner) relatives were in the contest. They broke the rules and won the contest and the big trophy. Tomy Boy gave them the trophy himself onstage. The big record label judges were never seen at the contest. They could have been bums off the street for all any of the other contestants knew. Erin Gilbert said the bios and demo cds would be sent out to the big record labels but we think they just went into the trash. The Midway Theatre, its owner and affiliates, is hustling off of the low income youth in the neighborhood. Making big time promises and misleading hopeful wide-eyed trusting youth in the Rockford area.