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naronson commented about Tele-Arts Theater on Nov 11, 2004 at 6:14 pm

Dear Filmo4,

I am very interested in learning as much as possible about the operation of the Telenews chain of theatres. To understand my interest, please read the comments below which I placed on a similar, but broader ‘message board’ for the Dallas Texas Historical Society. As you can see, my father was the manager of the Dallas Telenews during WWII. I would greatly apprecitate knowing your personal experiences being a part of the Telenews organization and what you might know about the day-to-day operation of the one-hour newsreels and other news providing aspects of the Telenews like the radio station that was in the original Detroit Telenews. From your comments you may only know this based on the scrapbook you mentioned and from talking with the long-time manager

Thanks very much.

Nick Aronson
Mobile Alabama

Posted on the Dallas Historical Society Message board:

I have been searching for people who remember the Dallas Telenews, which was an all-newsreel theatre downtown that started in 1941 and was an important visual news source, especially during WWII before the era of television. My father was the first manager of the theatre. My son and daughter and I are trying to write a professional historical article on the Telenews- my son is an Assistant Professor of film studies at the University of Oregon and my daughter is an archival librarian at the University of Mississippi. We are especially interested in personal accounts of what it was like to attend the “all news” theatre. My family (grandfather) went to Dallas in the early 1920’s and this was one of my father’s first jobs. I (and my son and daughter) would very much appreciate learning anyone’s remembrances of attending the news shows at the Dallas Telenews.

Earlier another Dallasite, Jim Stinson, posted a message here that mentioned his going to the Telenews and being fascinated with the lobby teletype. When my dad passed away in 1984, we found the teletype tape from that machine from Dec 7, 1941. It contained the announcement that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor- my father had only started as manager in November of 1941, just a few weeks before Pearl Harbor.