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natewidick commented about Red Rock 11 Theaters on Aug 10, 2012 at 4:34 pm

I worked at the Red Rock ‘95-'96 – On the cusp of the decline. I recall myself and a coworker asking the manager why we were getting crap films like Leprechaun 3 and Down Periscope rather than more substantial flicks like Twister and Fargo. She proceeded to explain to me that she can spend a large hunk of money on a big film, or get 5 or 6 terrible ones and the same senior citizens, drug addicts, and unaccompanied children will still come and pay for a ticket. I lived nearby and had seen nearly all of my favorite films of the preceding decade at that movie house. Hearing her dismiss the history and magic of that theatre with such cynicism robbed me of just a little joy. My coworker friend felt equally disenfranchised by her remarks and pooped on the hood of her LeBaron. Life can be funny that way.