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nickparish commented about Palais Theatre on Nov 11, 2004 at 8:22 am

The owner of the Palais (carolyn harper) has always turned her nose up at anyone wanting to take a look at the beautiful and wonderful architecture and spanish moroccoan style of the Palais theatre. I remember as a 15 year old in 1986 doing a project on the Palais and went in and asked if I could take photos of the auditorium and the lobby and was propmtly told to buggar off. Ms Harper had no problems taking a journlist and camera thru the entire building when she bought it from the Hyams family in 1985 ‘Preening the Palais’ I recall was the name of the article and whilst she appeared to have grand plans for it then, they certinily haven’t come about. I would hold my head in shame if I was her, I have watched with great dismay the building literally crumble on the outside and parts of the inside when I have been in there as a paying customer. If she cant afford to refurbish it or at least pump some capital into it, sell it to someone (i.e. someone like a David Marriner) who would. Im sure if she had opened it up for tours at $5 a pop it would have more than paid for a major refurb by now….