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puddlecheck commented about Maxime Cinema on Nov 20, 2013 at 7:48 am

Hi Fellow Maximers, Just to let you know that i gained access to the cinema this morning and took photos of all areas (84 in total) thanks to a very nice man over at Picturedrome Electric Theatre Co. There was one condition made that a copyright notice is put on them! if used on any site. I have posted a photo on Flickr and more will follow once copyright is added. Originals as agreed with PETCo will be sent to the CTA archive in London. I just wanted to record as much of the original before the changes are made to the 4 or 5 screens as mentioned in the local rags. Its in a bit of a mess at the moment removing all the bingo seats etc.etc however the very nice man said I could go back in the new year to record the changes. Lucky me eh!! Enjoy!

puddlecheck commented about Maxime Cinema on Apr 26, 2010 at 1:30 pm

GREAT NEWS, I have been given full run of the cinema to document the interior and projection room having had a conversation today with Lee the manager. Planning to complete this Saturday, thankfully before bingo starts. Let’s hope he wasn’t winding me up…

puddlecheck commented about Maxime Cinema on Mar 5, 2010 at 5:36 pm

I read with great interest the history of this cinema which I have been trying to find out for some time, my thanks to everyone who have cleared so many questions I had. I have tremendous fondness for this cinema which I spent my early Saturday mornings but later as a spotty youth trying to see as many films as poss that mother would fund and attemps to get in to see the X certs. Failed miserably with this cinema but had no problems in getting in at the Olympia in Tredegar to see Last Tango, The Omen etc. The memories are still vivid of the Maxime’s Gold Festoon Curtains floodlit at the bottom of the stage with mostly gold and red lights waiting patiently for the curtains to lift, lights out and with me mate to try and chat up any girls we knew from school who would show an interest. I also remember the songs played while waiting for the presentation, all were instrumentals at the time. The Shadows, Mantovani and Herb Albert. I rencently made a compilation cd of all I could remember about thirteen songs in total Great memories, Great times. Pleased to see that this Art Deco Gem it is still standing and looked after still open for Bingo in Feb 2010. Must try and get inside to see what’s changed or altered, will update if I ever manage it.
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