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ratmanboom commented about Indian Hills Theater on Sep 6, 2006 at 5:18 am

“THEY PAVED PARADISE AND PUT UP A PARKING LOT”….These lyrics were part of a song dedicated to a historic site in Los Angeles that was plowed under….sound familiar. I was surfing the web looking up 2 old buildings in Los Angeles (pacifics cinerama dome and the pan pacific auditorium) and I stumbled accross Indian Hills. ouch!!!! Same old song, different city. I find this so sad…Los Angeles does very lil to preserve some old buildings….I guess money talks and history is lost. I see a few people on these bulletins have seen the original “SAVING THE INDIAN HILLS”. Does anyone know if there is a copy of this original documentary available???? Or is the entire footage of this documentary included in “PRESERVE MY TICKET” ???? Or was some footage of the original edited out in the cut of “PRESERVE MY TICKET”??? Does anyone know why that one guy who was originally part of the move to save INDIAN HILLS sold out and took sides with METHODIST HEALTH???? What were the details as to the legal hassle for trying to block the screening of the original documentary???? Sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me!!!!