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RHoward commented about Century 21 on Mar 18, 2005 at 11:01 am

Hello all,

I was proud to be a manager for Syufy(Century Theatres)for about 15 years. The Century 22 was my home for 5 of them. Century 22 is the sister and next door to the 21 and the difference being 2 additional screens, each seating 600. The 21 and 22(A screen) share many of the same characteristics. Each seating aprox 1020, sound systems, projection equiptment and sometimes even staff.

I have been away from the theatre business for around 10 years now and funny enough now I have a company that provides a product to the studios that make the films. Any film that is worth seeing I will drive the 2hours to see it in a theatre that has always put presentation as a top priority.

The 21 and 22 theatres have a very rich history, we all even beleived that Sara herself visited every now and then in spirit.

These theatres offer more than just a trip to the movies but an experience. Opening night for a movie like Star Wars, Star Trek and even Dracular always provided the movie goer with more than just an average trip to the show. Imagine sitting next to a Klingon watching Star Trek or someone with those 2" perly whites munching on popcorn during Dracula.

Many a stars regulary visit these theatres, some making the 22 as home for premier screenings.

I miss those days and think of them often. I feel good about being a part of what these theatres represent to many of you.