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RichardInTN commented about Cineplex-Odeon/Plitt Regency Twin on Feb 8, 2012 at 3:58 am

Interesting thoughts all…

I actually used to be the Assistant Manager at this theater.

It’s final name was the Cineplex-Odeon/Plitt Regency Twin Theater. I left employment there in 1989, and it was torn down a few years later (but it didn’t expand or change Parent Company anytime before that happened).

It was never more than two screens. There was a plan to subdivide one of the twins making it a “Triplex”, but when they were looking into it, they discovered that it was insulated with asbestos, and the cleanup required PLUS the splitting wasn’t feasible… especially with the number of competing screens in such close proximity… That’s when it was decided to demolish it.

The 24 screen theater that Joe Vogel mentions was a replacement for the AMC 6 that used to actually be located inside the mall.