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rickc commented about Hillside Mall Cinemas on Jan 1, 2005 at 2:15 pm

I was an usher at the Hillside Theater in 1969. The 4 movies I remember to this day were: “Midnight Cowboy”, “The Reivers”, “True Grit” and “Sterile Cuckoo.” I saw these MANY times over and we’d amuse ourselves by reciting dialogue by heart. Especially Hoffman as Ratso Rizzo. I believe I made a $1.00 an hour and later $1.10 when they made me “head” usher. The manager was Lillian Bove, a warm and wonderful woman who we called “Mom.” This was a primo job to have during high school. We got paid to watch movies, dress in faux tuxedos, flirt with the candy girls and cashiers, and sneak handfuls of popcorn when no one was looking. Nothing but wonderful great memories fueling my passion for (old) movie theaters that continues to this day.