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robb21572 commented about Cooper Theatre on Jul 29, 2009 at 2:40 pm

I remember seeing the first Star Trek movie, my dad fell asleep during it. Also took a girlfriend to the Abyss, and saw, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Shortly before demolition, a friend and I snuck in through the front door, which was left wide open, with a camera for our local TV access show, and filmed the interiors. The auditorium shots are a bit dark. On the tape as I was filming the concession stand in the lobby moving toward the door to leave, a guy doing something behind the counter saw us and got pissed we had come in there, and said something to us about getting out! I still have the footage somewhere and have not seen it since 1992 when I edited a small section together to run credits over the footage. I see from online that any pictures, or video, of these lost theaters is a rarity. I thought this theater was the best one ever built for movies! Shame it is gone! :(