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robert3456 commented about Dale Theatre on Aug 7, 2005 at 3:53 pm

I remember the Dale Theatre quite well as a child in the 50’s and early sixties. You see, my father was it’s daytime projectionist. I must have seen hundreds of double features there. I was always fascinated by the carbon arc lighting and how my dad was able to switch from one projector to the other when a reel of film ran out (there were 2 holes popped out seconds apart in the top right hand corner of the film frame.)

Recently I was given a projectionists view of the largest multi screen theatre (15) and was blown away. Each film is now one huge reel instead of four and it is now placed horizontally like a pancake instead of vertically. Instead of 2 side by side for one film there are fifteen of them side by side. My dad would have loved to see how this medium evolved.