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roger2407 commented about AMC Boston Common 19 on Feb 4, 2005 at 4:57 pm

Thanks for sharing Ian…I too was a theatre manager, but for Edwards Cinemas (now part of Regal Entertainment) and then later worked for AMC theatres in California.
Its good to hear stories from fellow managers that have been in the trenches. I for one started at a multiplex and eventually worked my way up to a megaplex.
I worked almost 10 years in the industry from 19 yrs old til 29 yrs. old
I am now 31 and glad I left the business 2 years ago. It can be stressful, it is about money and the bottom line.
I will say that it is one of the worst businesses to be in. The profit margins and cost and expenses are quite alot. Its fun to run a megaplex on the weekends or during the summer. But in the week days or slow a bitch!

Anyways thats my rant! i love this website its awesome and thanks to all the people for contributing to it.