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rparry commented about Fitchburg Theatre on Apr 12, 2010 at 9:35 am

I worked at the Fitchburg Theater from 1978 to the middle 80’s and what a time it was the concerts like Devo,Jay Ferguson,Johnny and Edgar Winter. Awesome. And the midnight movies The song remain the same and the Rocky Horror Picture show. But in 1980 the theater was turned into a 3 theater I remember caddy shack was there at the time the guy who owned it was Bill Haney. Then he sold it to USA cinemas and one night they had a party and it was the beginning of the end. They used water hoses and cut the big screen up what a waist. I was in the theater last summer The downstairs is all gone the big screen is gone. the other 2 theater’s are still there. I got a lot of old stuff out of there last year lots of memories. Buy the way Brian I am sure I remember you.