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salvageman commented about Concerns Over Historic Alameda Theater Project on Jul 25, 2005 at 5:26 pm

Kbb, thanks for the update. But do you feel the six additional screens are necessary to make it a viable project? Glad to hear you are going to save what you can, was just putting it out there just in case items where being desposed of.

salvageman commented about Concerns Over Historic Alameda Theater Project on Jul 20, 2005 at 8:21 pm

Wow this is quite a lot to take in, the main problem is too many people giving their own ideas of what would be best. First when the theater was built nobody was to concerned regarding parking, now it’s a big deal. Most of the movie goers are going to be local, and the few who come from out of the area will park in the parking lot and on the street, get over it. The city is over reacting, this is sounding just like other cities that have let theaters meet the recking ball because of limited parking. This theater should be saved and further more the city under estimates the power of a single screen. Example the Paramount Oakland and the Stanford in Palo aAlto, both very successful. This buliding is a beautiful example of the art deco period and it would be doing an unjust to it, not to restore it to it’s former glory. If the city neglects there duty to this great lady, it’s more than likely it will fail in time. The city of Alameda has to realize people WANT to have an Historical relationship with a building to pass to future generations. If they choose megaplexing it will be just that a megaplex, nothing more. Come on Alameda do what’s right don’t cave in to political pressure, give us what we WANT. Being a member of THS i am always on the look out for any theater items for sale. If you let this go megaplexing I am interested in buying any of the light fixtures in the building, plus what ever is going to be disposed of. Please contact me, thank you. Salvageman