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Shiro commented about Reseda Drive-In on Jan 30, 2004 at 5:17 pm

About a year ago I moved to the Tarzana area here in the San Fernando Valley and happily discovered that I was residing just a few blocks from where the original Reseda Drive-In once stood. Peter Bogdanovich’s film “Targets” has always been one of my favorite movies so I was quick to investigate the area to see if I could find any traces at all of where a drive-in could have possibly even been, but typically I found zilch.

Also, the map link above takes you to an incorrect location, the drive-in was supposedly off Etiwanda, north of Van Owen near Reseda Boulevard (not off Sherman Way as shown on the map.) I believe this map is where the Reseda Country Club used to be.

Shiro commented about South County Cinema on Jan 30, 2004 at 8:21 am

I have many great memories from the 70’s and 80’s regarding this theatre. I worked in the mall right behind the cinema (at Record Bar now long gone as well) and spent alot of my childhood / teen years there seeing movies with family, friends and dates. I remember countless Disney re-releases, For Your Eyes Only, skipped out of school early to catch Return of the Jedi on opening day with my friend Kevin… I also fondly remember a re-vival showing of House Of Wax in 3D starring Vincent Price. Not all my memories revolve around the movies though. I remember they always had great video games in the lobby too, I played Sinistar there for the first time. Spent many hours in the parking lot one night using their pay phone after my friend Bob locked his keys in his car. Stuff like that didn’t seem so important back in the day, but just seeing the facade of the cinema again and the big square lettering on the sign really takes me back. It’s a shame it’s gone now.