Photos favorited by TLSLOEWS

  • <p>This ad appeared in the Columbus Dispatch on May 21, 1970.</p>
  • <p>Original Artwork which I produced for one of the concerts at the Fox in 1984.  Later, the art was reused and reworked to read, “A Gala Benefit!”, for another show which raised money to install a fire sprinkler system throughout the backstage area.  The fundraising was successful and the system installed, permitting further live events to be allowed on the full stage by the Fire Marshall.  My artwork included the “FOX” vertical sign which dated from c.1931, but which had been removed in 1967 due to a sign abatement ordinance.</p>
  • <p>A pic of Myself (mgr.), Bill Martin (Head Projectionist) and staff during a Saturday Matinee….Good Times….Best Wishes and God Bless to All……Patrick  <><</p>
  • <p>Another photo of the Bijou#2 around 1922.</p>
  • <p>The left photos are the original curved marquee of Loew’s State.  The center shows the framework of the second marquee. The right is the theatre after Loew’s had sold it and the name changed.  Private collection used with permission.</p>
  • <p>The 2 pictures on the marquee date this photo. “Hit and Run” dates from 1957 and starred Vince Edwards (aka Dr. Ben Casey). Also in the picture was Julie Mitchum, Robert’s sister. She introduced her younger brother to acting by getting him onstage at the Long Beach Playhouse.
              “Delinquents” is also from 1957. This picture, budgeted at $65,000 grossed over $1,000,000. Shot on location in Kansas City, Mo. (I wonder if the Loew’s Midland appears somewhere in this picture), it was directed by Robert Altman.</p>