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tjcpigpen commented about Edwards Cinema on Aug 9, 2009 at 4:04 am

I worked at the Edward’s on Adams in 1971 and 1972, as an usher, concessions girl, and then in the box office. It was a great place to work. We were paid $1.35 an hour, 30 cents below minimum wage as it was called a student wage, but the benefits were great! passes to other Edward’s Cinema’s, popcorn and soda to drink, and got to see the same movie many many times… i learned to appreciate just about all genres for something: the cinematography, direction, acting, music, or action.
Our manager was Roy Bruder, aged 72. He was avery kind man, but quite professional. He told us how as a young man he had worked at the Chicago theatre during a time when Mary Pickford was an active star. He made jewelry, and would give us small items as gifts. his night off was Thurs., and those were the evening we would let our friends come in. We had to disturb people who were making out in the back rows..shine the flashlight on them. We used to play tag on the ceiling of the theater with our usher flashilights. Motion Picture Academy members would come in to review movies, show their cards, and get in free. One time he was upset that I sold a ticket to Andy Devine, who came as a regular customer just to see the movie…he came over to get the $3.00 back to return to him.
We had a lot of fun. One time , during the ‘Out of Towners" with Jack lemmon and Sandy Dennis, the projectionist somehow missed a whole reel.. the show was over 20’ early. the customers did not notice, but as we saw the show over and over again, we sure did! “Le Mans” with Steve Mcqueen had so little dialogue we could memorize it.
Tickets were $2.50 for regular, and $3.00 for the loge seats in the back. it was a great place to work. We had a lot of fun, and saw great films. i had to be away for an extended time once or twice, and I had to quit but he was kind enough to say he would rehire me, (and he did), when I returned. Very fond memories.
People are really missing a lot by not seeing films on the old 70mm screens. i took my son to see the new Indiana jones movie (he is 27) last year at a theatre which has the big screen.. these poor kids have never seen the true effect film can have in these poor mulitplex theaters. Terry Spraitz Ciszek