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trainbrain commented about College Mall Cinema on Apr 28, 2012 at 9:09 pm

Sorry, my line saying no BN from me should no brown nosing from mw, just good work. And this alleged best projectionist was the candy girl in Marion. and I mean to make that statment condecending. Well, when S"“”“y got her big job at college mall everyone else in town totally enjoyed the havoc she was creating. Now remember kerasotes used home-made Potts platter and XL’s. The College Mall booth they turned her loose in was equipped with Century sound and and much more professional with platters from Christie. The Autowind 35 I think. They had two stacks of 5 platters to share between four. I was enjoying the kreasote ameuter from the Von Lee and when the college mall was dead in the water the DM came over and found normal stuff to can me for, but he offered me a last chance. I went over to the college mall and started to straighten the mess out. I have tons more to say and I’m glad I can. I need to turn in, take care everyone

trainbrain commented about College Mall Cinema on Apr 28, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Hello everyone. While I was at the Von Lee which was taken over by kreasotes much earlier I had to lock horns and battled just about all of the phoney baloney DM’s and sorts of imbicles in the chain. Kreasotes was basically built on brown nosing. No BN from me just good. The DM who put the “best Projectionist” was also married to. They met in Marion IL where he was the janitor and she was the candy. Well he BNd his way the quickly up the ladder, and along the way one of his theaters burned down. When he made DM they moved to Boomington and his wife ran the video rental next to the Indiana while the dirty dealing was going on I knew the wife wanted a theatre and when kreasote twisted GCCs arms enough. I Have a lot more to say. I’m happy to send more info and if anyone wants to know about what “the best projectionist” booth look like I’m happy to speak. Take care everyone